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About Octaspring

Welcome to the most important innovation in mattress design in a generation. Octaspring from Dormeo.

For years mattresses have been made two ways: With metal springs. Or, more recently, with memory foam. Springs give great ventilation to keep you feeling fresh. But pressure points can mean discomfort and disturbed sleep. With memory foam you’re cradled but a lack of airflow can leave you feeling hot and humid.

Then designer Willy Poppe had a flash of inspiration. What about a spring made of memory foam? And Octaspring was born. With all the advantages of both technologies and none of the drawbacks, sleeping on memory foam springs offers the most comfortable night imaginable. Lie on an Octaspring mattress and you’ll begin to wonder why someone didn’t have the idea sooner. Until you start drifting off to sleep that is.

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Mattress Buying Guide

Knowing when to update your mattress and identifying the best type for you can be daunting as there are lots of different options available.

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Compare Our Mattresses

Dormeo offer a range of four Octaspring mattresses. In each one, springs of differing firmness are arranged to provide the perfect level of comfort, support, and balance for a healthy and restful sleep.

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Sleep and Your Health

Dr. David Pitts, MD, d.ABIM, a Sleep Medicine Physician has put Octaspring mattresses in his clinic. See what he has to say about Octaspring.

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The Octaspring Promise

We want you to have every possible chance to have that quality night’s sleep you deserve – that’s why we offer you a 60 night risk-free trial.

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Our Eco Commitment

Octaspring’s innovative design and technologies are consistent with the 21st century’s responsible approach towards the environment and its natural resources.

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