Octaspring Sleep Survey – Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

To celebrate the end of this year’s National Sleep Month, Octaspring commissioned a sleep survey polling 3,000 UK residents, looking into the strangest and most wacky places people have slept.

Octaspring, Sleep Survey

Very few people make the connection between mattress quality and sleep quality, and how it impacts their ability to live life to the full, rather than constantly being on the edge of a snooze. That person asleep in public – it could be you!

Whilst many people know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, over a third of those surveyed (35%) admit to sleeping in a strange and uncomfortable place – perhaps reinforcing the fact that the majority of the UK (51%), struggle to get a good night’s sleep, thus, leaving the British notorious as a ‘nation of insomniacs’*

The 10 most common places people tend to drop off:

  1. On public transport (bus’/tubes/trains)
  2. In night clubs
  3. While on the toilet
  4. While at work
  5. In the bath
  6. At the cinema
  7. While at the beach
  8. On the bathroom floor
  9. While in a meeting
  10. At the wheel of a car

Some of the stranger venues people find themselves sleeping:

  1. On a bale of hay
  2. In a skip
  3. In a coal mine
  4. In a brothel
  5. While on a bouncy castle
  6. On a staircase
  7. While in an exam
  8. At a bank
  9. In a cemetery
  10. While at a football match

Interestingly, a higher percentage of men admit to having slept in a strange place, when compared to woman – 40% and 31% respectively – perhaps indicating that women feel their home comforts are too nice to give up. Surprisingly, over a third (36%) of those aged 35 – 44 also admit to living life on the edge, and falling asleep in less conventional places.

When broken down regionally, the top 3 areas for unconventional sleeping are Northern Ireland (40%), the North West (39%) and Scotland (39%). However, when looking at specific cities, the top 3 places revealed to lead the rogue sleeping trend are Glasgow (43%), York (43%) and Liverpool (41%).

While some of the answers in the survey are obviously down to evening hi-jinks, we were really shocked at the amount of people struggling to stay awake during the day.

Some of the stranger places are of course very amusing, but others are actually really worrying, such as at work, or worse, while at the wheel. This underpins what we’re trying to do at Octaspring. Our mission is to bring people the very best sleep they can possibly get.”

We also made a film. View the making of it below…

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