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There’s everything you need to help provide you with a healthy and revitalizing night’s sleep at Dormeo Octaspring. You can combine your perfect Octaspring mattress with a modern and practical bed base, designed to complement your new Octaspring mattress both functionally and aesthetically.

  • Tiffany Bed With 4 Drawers
  • Tiffany Bed With 2 + 2 Continental Drawers
  • Tiffany Bed With 2 Drawers
  • Tiffany Bed Without Drawers

The perfect bed base for your Octaspring mattress

The perfect night’s sleep needs the perfect bed. Whatever the colour scheme in the bedroom your new Octaspring divan bed base and cool, supportive Octaspring memory spring mattress will be occupying, there’ll be a finish, headboard style and draw layout just right for it. 

Here’s a quick guide to your Octaspring divan bed base options: 

Bed with 4 drawers – make best use of that under-bed space, keeping spare bedding, clothes or whatever you wish to store, clean, dust-free and safe.

Bed with 2 drawers and 2 continental drawers – continental drawers are narrower in width, leaving space for a bedside table, ensuring the drawer can still be opened.

Bed with 2 drawers – useful storage space for bedding, clothes, paperwork – anything!

Bed without drawers – no need for storage space under the bed? No problem! Go for this no-drawer option.